June 17, 2018

"My husband took in my Audi A3 because we had a rat incident. A rat chewed some of the wires and hose in my engine. I had a coolant that was leaking on top of other issues. I had originally taken it to another shop but next day of having it home it was leaking again so that's when we decided to take our vehicle to Exclusively Imports Volvo. My husband explained to Sergio the problem and he also told him that he would be deploying next day so he wouldn't be around and that he wanted to make sure I had a running vehicle. I reopened my insurance claim and Sergio was so good about keeping me posted and the status of the claim and my vehicle. Once my vehicle was ready he called me up. I was having trouble finding someone that would go with me to pick up my vehicle, I explained that to him and he offered right away to help. He knew my husband was not around and that I have two little ones. He arranged for two of his guys to drop off my vehicle. I am very happy with his service and would def"
May 29, 2018

"My husband and I have been going to Sergio since his 1st location and 1st Volvo back in 2004. Now on my second Volvo we're still happy customers. NEVER a bad service to both the car or to us. He always goes beyond to provide the best customer service. Honest and fair versus trying to charge us extra. Quite the opposite."
Exclusively Imports Inc.