Luxury Vehicle Maintenance in Whittier, CA

Owning a luxury vehicle means keeping up to task on all of the important maintenance that goes into its high-end performance. And it all starts by finding the right mechanic in Whittier, South Whittier, or Hacienda Heights, CA. Let Exclusively Imports Inc. make sure your import vehicle is getting best-in-class maintenance from a team that’s well-equipped to deliver it. We’ll handle all of the following maintenance services:

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Factory-scheduled maintenance

Depending on your make or model, your vehicle may be due for scheduled maintenance services at routine intervals. Let a qualified mechanic in Whittier, CA keep on top of these services. From 30/60/90k service, to tune-ups and even software updates, we’ll make sure your ride is always current and in its best condition.

Filters & fluids

From your cabin air and fuel filters, to your coolant, power steering and transmission fluids, we’re standing by to make sure your vehicle is getting replacements and top-offs as-needed. We can even flush fluids and inspect filters to make sure no underlying problems are developing.

Oil changes

Nothing is more important than an oil change. Come to us and let an experienced mechanic in Whittier, CA give your import vehicle a comprehensive oil change. We’ll help you ensure your German-engineered machine stays efficient and functional.

Software updates

These days, your car is as much computer as machine. Let us make sure you’re up to date on software so everything runs smoothly. Need programming work done? We can do that too!


Let us provide your vehicle with a comprehensive tune-up and unlock even better performance than you’re used to! We can install new spark plugs, clean fuel injectors, re-tension belts and a slew of other services to improve the dynamic of your entire vehicle.

Safety Inspections

Exclusively Imports Inc. is home to the 100-point inspection safety check! We go through in fine detail to make sure each and every crucial part of your vehicle is in good condition and working safely, to prevent premature breakdowns and other unnecessary issues. Our thorough inspection covers:

  • Check engine and transmission
  • Inspect brakes
  • Suspension checks
  • Check headlights and all lighting
  • Inspect auto body
  • Check all auto glass
  • A/C system inspections and service

For unparalleled maintenance services, wheel alignments, parts, and import auto repair performed by experts who have a passion for what they do, schedule your appointment with Exclusively Imports Inc. Reach us today at 562-945-3867.

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